Market Segment

Many casinos and resorts are known for their foodservice as much as their table games. While the rules of Blackjack are usually the same from one casino to the next, it’s the food and beverage service that can often be the big differentiator.

Delivering The Fine Dining Experience

No matter how you cut the deck, the importance of great food and beverage in a casino resort cannot be overstated. From state-of-the-art equipment to inspiring ingredients, we can help you find the winning hand with your foodservice operation.

High Volume Food Production

Casino resorts usually require high volume production, whether it’s behind the bar or in the banquet room. From bar and beverage solutions that allow bartenders to serve drinks faster without compromising quality to ingredients that are ideal for the late-night buffet, Total Source is the only source you need.

Staffing and Labor Challenges

All across the foodservice industry, staffing and labor are some of the biggest challenges we face. This is no different in casinos and resorts. Our equipment and supplies solutions are designed to make staff more efficient.

Casino Foodservice
Equipment Solutions


Every kitchen needs a workhorse appliance to keep things running smoothly. Ranges provide the reliable, consistent, and flexible attributes every commercial kitchen requires.

Bar & Beverage Equipment

To keep up with the constant flow of incoming casino guests, having bar and beverage serving equipment you can rely on can also lead to a healthier bottom line.

Serving Stations

Casino foodservice is well-known for their buffet-style dining. With the right serving equipment, delight guests with food that stays at the right temperature, is visually appealing, and is easy to grab-and-go.

Holding Cabinets

When dealing with large quantities of food, fully insulated hot cabinets allow you to keep your already prepared foods safe and at precise serving temperatures so your kitchen can stay ahead of the rush.


The landscape of casino foodservice has broadened to more than just a typical buffet-style setup. In fact, many guests who visit casino resorts expect a luxury dining experience that resembles an upscale restaurant theme. To ensure guests are treated to a high-level dining experience, having the right kitchen equipment is paramount.

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We understand that foodservice equipment service is part of the business, but we also understand we can make it easy so it doesn’t disrupt your business.


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