Healthcare Foodservice


Market Segment

Patient satisfaction can make or break your healthcare operation. A successful foodservice program in hospitals or long-term care facilities can lead to better mental health and even faster healing times. While cafeteria and communal dining may not be the new norm, in-room dining and delivery has never been more important.

We represent a number of brands that can help your foodservice program deliver high-quality meals to the people who need them the most.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is one of the most critical goals of any hospital or healthcare facility because reimbursement rates are largely depending on these ratings. And according to surveys, one of the top ways a healthcare operation can achieve higher patient satisfaction is through foodservice.

In-Room Dining Services

More and more hospitals and long-term care communities are leveraging chef-driven concepts as the central key in their foodservice operations. With an increased focus on quality, it’s critical to preserve it from the kitchen all the way to the patient’s bedside.

Food Quality and Consistency

As we mentioned, healthcare is placing more emphasis on quality foodservice. In some cases, full-service restaurants are even being added for guests and visitors, which increases the profit potential of the facility. Look for this to continue into the future as healthcare foodservice directors look to create additional opportunities.

Healthcare Equipment Solutions


To keep patients happy, meals should be delivered on time, hot, and full of the nutrients they need to recover. Incorporating the proper oven equipment into your kitchen can help maximize output, quality, and consistency of the food your patients consume.

Holding and Transport

When it comes to foodservice, especially in healthcare facilities, every minute counts. To ensure meals are served at the proper temperatures and delivered on time, mobile hot cabinets are a great way to improve patient satisfaction.


In order to keep up with feeding a large number of patients and guests, foodservice operations need quality refrigeration products. Whether its a custom walk-in cooler or a modular blast chiller, keep your food fresh, safe for cooking, and completely organized.


A stay at a hospital can be stressful for all those involved. Why not help alleviate some of that stress by featuring serving equipment in your cafeteria that ensures the highest food quality and safety, and the freedom for guests to quickly pick out foods of their choosing.


Your healthcare foodservice program directly impacts the health and satisfaction of patients and residents. Don't settle for equipment solutions that fail to create and maintain high-quality food. Our healthcare foodservice experts are here to help.

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