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From large banquets to a late-night room service order, hotels and resorts need to be prepared for menus of any type and quantity. For hotel operators, a foodservice program needs to be flexible, ready to adjust when needed, and speedy in its service. We’ve worked with hotels large and small, and one goal remains the same – keep your guests happy.

From serving, transport, holding, and cooking, we have the foodservice equipment solutions designed to deliver five-star service to your guests.

Serving Any Number of Guests

When it comes to hotel and hospitality foodservice, volume is often the name of the game. Whether it’s a corporate banquet or room service, producing large quantities of food and beverage while preserving quality and profitability is the name of the game.

Flexible Foodservice

More than just about any other type of operation, hotels and hospitality have to provide a wide range of service types in order to satisfy all types of guests. The businesswoman on her way to a conference breakout meeting might want a quick cup of coffee and a muffin, while the vacationer by the pool might be looking for a cheeseburger in paradise.

Labor Demands

Like many other types of foodservice operations, labor and staffing can be one of the most challenging factors. With equipment and supplies that make the kitchen and service spaces easier and more efficient, and with proper training, it’s easier to find and retail great staff.

Hotel Equipment Solutions


Ovens are the lifeblood of a hotel’s commercial kitchen. From baking capabilities for continental breakfasts to cook and hold technology for banquets and events, ovens are critical to success in hospitality foodservice.


Fried foods are popular. We love them for a reason. When done right, they taste great, but bad oil can negatively impact the flavors and aromas of fried foods. Find the right fryer and oil management system to maximize the potential (and profits) of your fried food program.


Almost every ingredient in hotel and hospitality foodservice spends time in a refrigerator or freezer. Using walk-ins that keep cold air in and warm air out as efficiently as possible is a great way to reduce food waste and energy consumption.

Braising Pans

In high-volume operations like hotels and resorts, braising pans can be an efficient way to produce large amounts of soups and sauces, but they can be used for so much more. Experience versatility in your foodservice with braising pans.


From banquets to room service, our team knows that hotel foodservice programs require equipment that can cook quickly, transport easily, and maintain quality. Let's book time to get your hotel or resort operating efficiently.

Step into one of our test kitchen facilities, sample some of our great products, and get first-hand experience on our equipment units.


See a particular ingredient of interest? We’re happy to provide samples for your culinary team to help you with your menu development.


We understand that foodservice equipment service is part of the business, but we also understand we can make it easy so it doesn’t disrupt your business.


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